Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I can't believe that this is really the end! GAAAAAHH! But it has come and I am full of strange emotions. Mostly stress, but some excitement and a lot of sadness for leaving Japan and not being a full time missionary any more. But I look forward to being home! This e-mail is really just going to be the highlights since I have to walk to the station with a heavy suitcase.
Went to a flower park with a member and his less active wife. Beautiful flowers and very warm weather. Stood up by investigators. Bought last presents.
Rain. Some members offered to drive us so we accepted. Made a PI into an investigator.
Rain again. Had last eikaiwa for advanced students. As we went to a member's house with the elders, I crashed. I now have matching knees. At least it's a set instead of mix matched. Then we biked to another member's house an hour away. Then back to Fukuroi area and taught an investigator. Made her little sister into an investigator. Some less actives came to game night.
Last grocery shopping in Japan so I took pictures of the store. Then we went to eat lunch with some members. They also bought me a present. Yay. We went with them to see some more flowers. Then we ate takoyaki with a member. Didn't turn out so nice looking, but still tasted fine. Last Eikaiwa. Many people came. Lots of interesting and embarassing things said by the students on accident. One man tried to hug me since it was my last time. There was an akward moment as I did a side step.
Last DTM. Testimony meeting. Then I packed up my stuff. Then we went to an investigator's. Stood up, so we went back and made dinner and then met with some new investigators. The lesson went well. Found a cockroach in the church about the size of a Texas Praline.
Transfer calls. I'm transferring to America, Indiana, Indianapolis. Don't know who my next companion will be. Then we baked cupcakes for the party in the evening. Then to a member's house. Her sewing machine was broken so I tried to fix it with what limited knowledge I have. In other words, I fiddled with knobs until something happened. Then back for the party. A success I think. Took pictures with the elders one last time.
Taught a lesson with the elders to an investigator who is too good to be true. He agreed to be baptized. Stood up by investigators so we went to a park to take pictures and see if we could talk to anyone. Then taught a less active. She agreed to come to church.
Woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep so got up and took a shower and wrote notes to people.
See you soon!
Sister Hodson