Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 10 Double Digits!

I have some news about the Mother's Day call: we can do it over skype! I can still do it over phone if that works better, but I'd like to see your faces and I bet you'd like to see mine. All we have to do is set a time. I think there is a 14 hour difference between you and me. If I called you the Monday morning after Mother's Day, it would be that Sunday's evening for you. If I called at 7 am it would be 5 pm for you. I think. What time works best for you? Decide quickly because we don't have many times to exchange replys.
Boring P-Day, but restful. Slept and did laundry.
One of our English classes may have just become an entire group of investigators. We were talking to the lady who runs it and she said it would be ok if we shared small messages after we taught English, so we may be teaching 7 people at once. Since Sister Roger's birthday was Wed, we bought a cake and ate half of it in one sitting. I also scared Sister Rogers by doing a worm impression. I'm not entirely sure why it was scary, but she screamed.
At one of our English classes, Rogers Shimai and I played our instruments together for them. One of the students asked if we could play for a housebound grandmother since she likes music and can't get out of her house much. So we went to that grandmother's house and played a few hymns and a few fun songs. One of the people who came to listen was another grandmother who is a long time Christian. She is above 80 and she converted to Catholicism before she was 20. She bore her testimony about how Jesus lives. She was practically glowing. You could tell that she really knew God personally. When we left, she came up to me and said "let's meet again at the feet of Jesus." Her son-in-law also came. He is a pastor for another Christian congregation, but he listened to the first lesson and accepted a Book of Mormon. We have a return appointment, so by all standards, he is an investigator. Who'da thunk? Coming back from that little concert, a lady next to me on the street saw me and my cello and started making hand motions, thinking that I couldn't understand Japanese. I said yes, I do play the cello in Japanese. Then I asked her if she'd like us to come and play at her house. Much to my suprise, she said yes! This is a good service opportunity as well as a chance to find a new investigator. One investigator's husband has started to listen to the lessons. He has many concerns, so his lessons are all very stressfull to prepare for but I always feel the Spirit strongly. Two of his friends just showed up at the lesson and listened along. Then we played Nearer My God To Thee together (he plays the ocarina and its many cousins). One of his friends gave us spoons he hand carved and painted. All day, we didn't really eat a whole meal, just snacks and birthday cake because we had so many appointments.
The grandmother that paints watercolors dropped us. We were talking and she said that she was going to weed her garden since there was no one else to do it. We said we'd be happy to help and jumped up to start. She practically screamed at us not to do it. "Dame! Dame!" she said. Dame means bad, like bad dog. We were a little startled that she didn't want us to weed her garden that badly, so we just sort of got on our bikes and pedaled away. On the other hand, one investigator that we thought we would have to drop we didn't. When one door closes, the Lord opens another. For Rogers Shimai's birthday we went to that expensive restaurant. I didn't order the most expensive thing. I got a $35 dollar meal and came away feeling pleasantly stuffed. Unfortunately, they served us tea, so we moved it around the dishes a little. Whever we drank all of the liquid from one dish, we put a little bit of tea in the dish. Then we'd sneak some tea back into the teapot. By the end of the meal, our cups and our stomachs were empty of tea. Word of Wisdom kept.
Made homemade sushi. Another Philipino lady graciously came to one of our lessons with a Pillipino that we are teaching. It was a little last minute, but she sacrificed her time and came from an entirely different ward to help us out.
We performed our instruments for an investigator and got roses from her.  Sang at stake conference adult session.
Listened to the same song the whole time in the car going to and from stake conference. Drove me up the wall. Lesson with Investigator long, but good.
Lots of love

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