Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 20

You must have been praying about my bug bites because they've all gone. Also, my knee is all healed and pink and I can sit in a Japanese style again. This week I didn't take notes about each day because I was all over the place busy, so it may be a little sparse. Sorry...

We had chinese food with a Less Active couple. It was very delicious. The lady thought that I didn't like the food but I told her that I'm just a slow eater, not that I don't like it. They said that they met a sister missionary from Indiana before. I know that there are many wards in Indiana, but it still makes me wonder if I ever met her.

Konno Kyodai liked your e-mail, Dad. I'm not sure how well I translated but they got the spirit of it. We went to their house thinking that we would just share a scripture and the e-mail but they were like no, come in, have lunch with us. We had ramen with a raw egg. Sister Vincent tried really hard to eat the raw egg, but it took a lot of turning a blind eye. We tried to visit a less active that lives nearby. We waited and waited at the door, but no one came out even though we heard noises from inside. So we rode around the block and as we got back to their house they were pulling out of their driveway. They were waiting till we left to pull out! We visited another less active lady who can't come because she's sick. She saw in the ward bulletin from the week before that there was a donation drive so she gave us money to donate to the drive. I was a little uncomfortable accepting the money, but I was touched by her charity.

I got very frustrated at a Less Active. I tried not to show it but I'm pretty sure something was in the air. I really need to take a walk in her shoes. We were riding by some houses and I saw a lady working in her garden. I complimented her tomatoes, and then she gave us some! Yum.

One of our investigators is on the brink to accepting baptisim. She is the only one in her family who is accepting lessons, so her biggest fear is growing distant from her family. She doesn't want to be lonely at church. In PMG it says that most times people's obstacles between accepting baptism or not are social rather than doctrinal. I've definitely found that to be true. I can answer a doctrinal question but I can't fix social problems. We had a member call us out of the blue and ask if we wanted to have dinner with her. Yes, please! She's awesome.

We rode up to a far place in our area. Thankfully it was cool, but sunny.

We went to a cake place with a member and her non-member husband. We felt very sponge-y but also very grateful. IT WAS SOOOO DELICOUS. I want to go again. He had a good time it seemed and wants to do something with the missionaries again. One of our recent convert's husbands said don't come back. We aren't sure what to do. She is a little sick and he said that she can't go outside. If she could come to the church, then we could continue lessons and she could take the sacrament, but if she really is that sick, then we don't know where to go from there.

Broadcast about missionary work. I'm excited for the changes and the new mission president.

Love you

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