Monday, June 24, 2013

Of weight loss and kittens...

Claire's Note. 
I have had a few people ask how Sister Hodson lost so much weight. From February to June she has lost about 35 pounds, that is 15.9 kg for anybody who follows the metric system. Also I want kittens (plural) and so this is her response.

Well, first there is 30 minutes of exercise in the morning. We usually just walk along the nearby canal because I'm too much of a zombie in the morning to actually play anything. Then I eat breakfast which is usually small, like an apple and peanut butter. Throughout the day we usually bike from 1.5-3hours in various terrains. However, this is broken up into small chunks. The most we ride in one chunk is an hour. So that we don't die, we drink a lot. Like at least 1 Liter, sometimes 2 of liquid each day. Or maybe that's just me. Lunch is always the biggest meal of the day. Dinner is usually small again, like tofu and a cup of soup, unless we are eating at someone's home. In Japan, you eat very little dairy and meat and saturated fats. There are many things made with oil, but very very few with butter or other solid fats. In the States the main grains are breads and potatoes, sometimes pasta. In Japan it's rice and non-white-processed-flour noodles like udon and soba. So that takes out another chunk of fat. Desserts are small and not eaten every day. The Japanese stick to the 1/2 cup ice cream serving and it actually is very satisfying. I think the thing that has helped me the most is the bike riding though. Definitely the change in diet has helped some, but being active is the biggest thing. 

Keep in mind that two little kitties make two little piddle puddles in your two little shoes. They also eat two little book marks and scratch two little scratches in the wall paper. But I like cats just as much as you do so I understand the temptation. Yay, yay, animal shelter, and good luck.

 I keep seeing One Piece stuff and thinking "should I buy this for Claire?" Usually I don't because it's after the two year break so they're all wearing the different clothes or it doesn't seem useful or like something you would use.

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