Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 17 (week 1 as a Trainer and Senior Companion)

I couldn't figure out why there was only one e-mail for me this week and then I remembered that Mom and Dad are on vacation. Well, I definitely need to by an electronic dictionary because I need to look up kanji when people send me texts. They are very hard to decifer if I can't tell what half of the words are.
I was very nervous and full of dread all day. I wasn't sure how I could handle being a trainer. At the end of the training meeting, President Baird read aloud a short bio of each of the coming people. My new companion is Sister Anna Vincent from Draper, Utah. She is 21, very pretty (see picture) and excited to be here. After the training we went to the sister apartment near the honbu to spend the night. They had oreos, which was a tender mercy for me.

We had nothing to do until 10:30 when we met our beans, so I felt a little cooped up. So a couple other sisters and I went and took a walk in a park. Then we went back to the honbu and I met Sister Vincent! We had to rush back from the honbu to teach Eikaiwa, so we only had time to eat at a convienence store. Sad first taste of Japanese food.

We had a lesson with an investigator. She said that when I walked in I had the aura of a Senior companion. I've certainly felt help in carrying on conversations and understanding people, but I don't feel confident in deciding the day's activities yet. Our mailbox is kind of like a safe where there is a box with a combination you enter to open it. Usually we just keep it unlocked because Japan is a pretty safe country and we usually only get flyers anyway. Someone shut it and I don't know the combination to open it. So far we've been getting our mail out by sticking our hands in the slot and trying to pull things out.

We bought a bike for Sister Vincent. As we were standing in the bike shop I got a call from a member asking where we were. Apparantly we had an appointment with her but Sister Eguchi forgot to tell me and then she transfered. Oops. We got fed by some of our investigators. It was delicious curry.

My knee is still oozy and not a pretty color. I wash it every day and I try to expose it to the air when we are in the apartment. We visited a member and then she took us around the neighborhood and introduced us to her friends. I felt so supported by this member trying to help us missionaries. I had been feeling kinda stressed out for some reason and then we visited a member who recently had a baby. Walking into that home it was like a wall of the Spirit protecting that family. I felt so much peace there.

Two investigators came to church, but they only had 10 minutes after church to talk so we did a quick lesson about the Sacrament. The next lesson is going to be a whopper of a lesson. We went to visit a member who had't come to church that day. I couldn't figure out the map on the phone, so I think the Spirit guided us to the home because it certainly wasn't me.
Also make that 35 lbs lost (see picture).
Love you

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