Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 16

Sorry this didn't get to you sooner, but the story is at the bottom of the page.
I got called a princess by a lady in the food court.
We ate homemade yogurt. It was an interesting texture. I'm not sure I can put it into words. It was like a cross between normal yoplait yogurt and raw egg texture. But it tasted good anyway. One of our investigators absolutely refuses to accept a Book of Mormon. Sigh.
Rain. There was a turtle in the middle of the road. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but we had to get to our appointment. I think he was just taking a stroll out in the wet weather. He probably lives in the canal that was close by. We asked one of the less actives in the ward what she thought about prayer and she related to us an experience of when her father passed away, she heard very clearly an angelic voice tell her that everything was ok. I think that goes to show that no matter what kind of spiritual experiences you've had in your life, even if you still have a testimony, you can still go in-active. Almost every less active we talk to has a testimony and has had spiritual experiences, but because of something or other, they fall off the path. At the same time, maybe remembering this experience will help this lady come back.
One appointment called us and canceled on us as we were standing on their doorstep. I got a letter from Sister Wilson, tell her thank you for me. We wrote a letter to an investigator who is hard to get appointments with. He asked about evolution. Writing the letters helped me figure out my own thoughts and helped me take a stand. An investigator asked some very left field questions such as "who created God" and "If God ate the forbidden fruit, would he die?" The spirit really helped me see things from her point of view and treat these questions seriously. I said that because we are like God, this life is a prototype for Heaven, he probably had the same experience that we did. I didn't get a chance to answer the second question because the discussion went other places but if I do get the chance I will say that because God has a perfect, immortal body, no he would not die. He gave that commandment for Adam and Eve's knowledge and so that they could have agency. If the only choice was to eat the fruit or if God made Adam and Eve already in their fallen state, there would have been no agency. In order to make the Plan of Salvation a plan that tests us and helps us progress, agency, choice is necessary. Therefore, there was a choice at the very beginning.
A recent convert is going through some tough times. This is definitely Satan trying to get her off the path while she is still new. I nearly fell asleep in a lesson. I'm not sure why it came tumbling down on me right then, but I could hardly keep my eyelids up.
A lady stopped us and asked us where the bus stop was. We pointed across the street and said "the bus stop is the place where all the buses are. Yes, the place where those 5 buses are parked is the bus stop. It seemed exceedingly obvious, but for whatever reason, she and her husband couldn't figure it out.
We got a lot of food from the members. We pretty much don't have to go shopping this week. They are truly a generous people. We went to copy a Liahona article, but the copy machine said please wait. So we waited, and as we waited, a black cloud started puffing out of the paper spot. When we opened the drawer, a large black plume of ink came out to greet us. Apparantly, someone incorrectly installed the ink cartrige and we were the lucky people to discover it.
Transfer calls. I'm staying in Yokkaichi, but...I'M A TRAINER! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! We went out to eat with the elders for a last goodbye. It was delicious. As we were leaving the restaraunt, I tried to get onto the sidewalk. Unfortunately there was a curb. Either I came at it on my bike at the wrong angle or it was too big, but either way, I became an angel for a few seconds and then came back to earth with a very unhappy thump. I fought the curb and the curb won, I fought the curb and the curb won. Nothing broken, but a few nasty scrapes. Scar #4 for my right knee. And the one from before had just healed too...In any case, the one on my knee was pretty deep and we weren't near our apartment, so Sister Eguchi insisted that I go to the next door hospital and get it cleaned out. Therefore, we didn't have time yesterday to e-mail. I got a blessing from the elders and I really am fine. I did cry yesterday, but it wasn't about my scrapes it was about becoming a trainer. I know that the Lord does not give us things we cannot accomplish and I know that because he has called me to this he will qualify me for the work. I can do this! Wohoooooo!
Love you all,

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