Monday, June 17, 2013

week 18

I've discovered that I don't have much time any time of the day so I don't write down what's going on as much as I used to. Oh well.

It has suddenly gotten hot! It was nice and fine and then out of the blue it's hot, humid, strength sucking summer weather. It's hard to picture it getting hotter than it has been this week. We did a family home evening and I did the object lesson of dye that gets cleaned up by bleach as a metaphor for baptism. It worked surprisingly well. From the family and recent convert's reactions, I don't think they had ever seen that lesson.

We didn't bring our rain gear because in the morning when we left it wasn't raining, but by the afternoon it was pouring. So we got very wet. It was actually pretty fun. Since Sister Vincent is from Draper, she loves rain because she doesn't get to see it that often. We had a lesson that seemed to go better than the previous lessons. At least, it seemed less fiery. Still, she said very clearly that this is what I believe and this is what you believe and I have no interest in changing. The Lord can work miracles, though.

Two of our investigators passed their baptismal interview! I was very nervous for them. The wife is very strong and has few doubts, but the husband has some pretty big questions and doubts and concerns, so it truly is a wonderful thing that he passed. He loves music. He cries when he listens to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir because he feels that it has power. Dad, would you write your testimony about music and e-mail it to me? I want this investigator to hear it. Don't worry, I'll translate it.

We had an all sister's meeting to help strengthen us because of all the changes that are coming. We had a testimony meeting and scrap-booking and enchiladas. I kind of had a melt down in the middle of my enchiladas which was sad because they were good enchiladas and you never get Mexican food here. Mostly I was feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a trainer. But there were many sisters who comforted me. It helped me see that there are lots of people who care about me here in Japan.

I said in my personal study that I really just needed help and since then Heavenly Father has helped me be cheerful and less stressed even though the circumstances haven't changed. There are some changes down the pipe with the changes in mission presidents, so it'll be interesting seeing the change. We had sushi for lunch. Yum. We had a lesson with a recent convert but I forgot that we set up a time, so we had to cancel. I felt bad.

One of our investigator's parents passed away so we can't meet with her for a while but I hope that she takes this chance to turn to Christ. There is this one place in our area and every time we go up there I feel like someone is waiting for us but I don't know where. We've been housing up there once or twice, but no fruit yet. I had a donut filled with a cream flavored like a popular soda here in Japan. It was actually quite delicious. One of our recent converts asked us about the daily life of Jesus and Joseph Smith, like if they had families and what they were like. I wish that the Joseph Smith movie was in Japanese because there are so many people that I want to show it to! And we saw another turtle.

Two of our investigators got baptized! (see picture) We were running all over the place trying to make sure everything was in order, like practicing the cello and helping them get dressed and making sure the program people were there. We unfortunately forgot towels for them but a member stepped up to the plate and brought some from her home. They were baptized by their friend who is a member of the ward. I felt the Spirit so strongly when he said the baptismal ordinance. From now on it's working so that they don't become Less Active. The husband had to leave right after sacrament meeting because of work, but the wife stayed for all three hours of church for the first time. In Relief Society we talked about the temple dedication ceremony. I think it was a bit too much for a person who doesn't even know what a temple is let a lone a capstone or the word Hosanna. We got a hold of a Potential Investigator who seemed interested in meeting us, so we'll see if something goes from here.
Lot's of Love!

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