Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 24

I want to see pictures of Europe!
The elders found an all-you-can-eat-pizza-and-pasta restaurant so we went there for lunch. We ate till we were squinting from stomach fullness. Then, out of the blue, the bishop calls up the missionaries and says "let's go out for dinner!" And so we all make time to go out with him and his wife. Turns out they take us to a restaurant known for it's big portions. We felt somewhat guilty at not being able to eat alot with them. Then Sister Vincent and I decided to go and see if we could find some former investigators. As it was nearing curfew, I was trying to decide whether or not we should try to go and find one more former investigator or pack up and head home. I decided that we would try to find one more. To get to the next address, we had to go past our apartment building. Something said "go inside" but I was like "we've gotta work hard or we're not missionaries. Work to the end!" so we kept going. About two streets later, we were stopped at a street light and Sister Vincent turns to me and asks, "how do you feel right now?" I say "weird" and she says "yeah, me too." So we look at each other, turn our bikes around, and head back to the apartment. I don't know what was up, but we were supposed to be in our apartment.

COMPANION EXCHANGE! Sister Vincent and Sister Cox (a sister that got here only a week before) worked together and Sister Hart and I worked together. Sister Vincent was nervous and I was nervous for them, but we parted ways and worked in our different areas. I worked in a suburb of Nagoya called Fukutoku. It was different because the area is all city, no countryside. While I was with Sister Hart, we found 1 Potential Investigator, and 4 Potential Investigators became investigators. Both of us were exceptionally suprised. I am filled with mixed emotions because I'm glad that they are investigators and I am happy for the Fukutoku sisters, but WHY CAN'T THAT HAPPEN IN YOKKAICHI? We're gonna try hard to.

Sister Vincent and Sister Cox survied! They did just fine. It helped Sister Vincent realize how much she can understand and how much she can communicate. Here's hoping that it continues. We had lunch with a member. She went on a tour of church history sites in the States about 3 months ago and told us how much it strengthened her testimony. It makes me want to do a similar thing.

Interviews with President Yamashita. Both Sister Vincent and I cried, for seemingly no reason, but apparently the Spirit just worked on us that way. We had curry for lunch. Yum yum. We had a lesson with a recent convert and then straight to a dinner appointment with some members. We talked about video games, new technology, Star Wars, and faith without works is dead. Such is the dinner of a missionary.

3/4 of our appointments fell through so we went to visit a less active member at her cafe. After that we ate at McDonalds because both of us were feeling like we needed something greasy and unhealthy and tasty to eat. The set that I bought was apparently a special set because I got a collectible coca-cola glass and a folder-with-an-actor-who-I-don't-know with the food. Then we had weekly planning and to a member appointment where we had pizza. It was the wrong day to have McDonalds. By the end of the dinner both of us were feeling wholly unhealthy. The member's husband was at work with the car, so we had to wait till he got off work to get home. So we got home a little late, but not extraordinarily late.

We had an FHE with recent converts and a member family that went extremely well. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and I played the cello and the spirit was there. I wish all dinner appointments were like that.

Similar to the previous day, we had a cello concert/FHE/dinner at a member's home with recent converts. This one went well, too, but we didn't share a message, so it was a little sad (for us). I was still very appreciative of the members for taking the recent converts in like that.

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