Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 25 You're about to be rained with pictures.

A little bit busy for a P-Day. We had a member lesson in the morning, a service project (helping a less active in her tailoring shop) and then went out for dinner with a less active couple. The food was SOOOO GOOOOD. There was tempura and sashimi and tofu and miso soup and steak. YUM. I want to eat it again.
We spent a good portion of the day trying to get in contact with former investigators. We contacted three, but they all said that they were busy so they didn't have time to meet with us. They were all nice however. We also got a referral from the elders! Yay! We haven't met her yet but the elders set up an appointment for Tuesday.
We rode our bikes about 45 min to an appointment and as we are standing on her doorstep, she calls us and says that she's waiting at the hospital. She went there for a standard check up and had been waiting for over an hour to check out or something, so unfortunately we couldn't meet with her but we got another appointment thankfully. On the upside, because she canceled, we were able to have a full hour of lunch and all four hours of study. Had we done that appointment, we would have only had about half an hour for lunch and lose an hour of study. We visited a less active who has a kitten. The kitten play attacked my hand, but it didn't bite or use claws. It was cute.
We went by a less active and a member's houses thinking that it would be hello-here's-a-scripture-and-a-prayer kind of a drop by but the both wanted to talk so we ended up spending more time than we thought. Oh well. Then we went to the area where the referral lives and tried to find her house so that we could be on time for our appointment. Unfortunately we didn't find it but we texted the elders who gave us more specific directions and so...
We found it! She wasn't home, but we left a pamphlet and a note. We had Single Adults FHE on Sunday, so we dropped by a store to pick up some things we needed for the activity. Little did we know that in that store we would find such treasures as Hersey's chocolate syrup and chocolate whipped cream. It was hard not to buy everything that we wanted, but we stuck to the things we needed for the activity and a six pack of Dr. Pepper for Sister Vincent.
FUN OUT THE WAZOOO! First, there was a ward activity (see attached pictures). We went to a member's house to have a barbecue, Japan style. Basically you have a griddle and you put everything on it, onions, peppers, squash, eggplant, meat, and noodles. Then you pour sauce in your bowl and heap the food in there so that it gets covered by sauce. Then we ate about 5 slices of watermelon. The Relief Society President told all the kids that if you eat a watermelon seed you can grow watermelons in your stomach. Apparently it's the same in Japan as in the US. A family that attends Eikaiwa came to the activity and we had a lot of fun with their three kids. I hope we can get them to hear the lessons or come

to church...Then we hurried home, had 15 minutes of personal study, then went back out the door to go to a festival with one of our investigators and her entire family. It was beautiful and very japanese and loud. The taiko drums and cymbals are incredibly loud. I came home with a headache, but so happy to have experienced something like this.
The elders had a baptismal service. He is deaf so there is a feeling among the members of great responsibility. I guess we need to convert a translator next. After that, we went out housing for a bit, came home and broke our fast. Then we had the SA FHE. It went suprisingly well. I wish more people would have come, but oh well. I taught the "cake is our body and if we don't take care of it it's like putting grass or rocks in it" lesson. The elders seemed almost physically ill when we started putting the stuff on top of the cake. Then we played the "cookie on the forehead" game and also a game where you have something or someone written on a post-it note and then without looking you put that post-it on your forehead and ask the people around you yes or no questions to figure out what it is. All in all it was a success.

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