Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 26

Fairly usuall P-day, nothing out of the ordinary. We didn't have any appointments that night so we decided to go visit a member that we haven't been to before. Of course, it started raining on the way and we didn't bring our rain coats, so we got drenched. It was pretty fun actually. We found the member's house, but we didn't want to spend the whole time talking to them, so we decided to go ring some doorbells and come visit them afterward. Near that member's house were some giant apartment complexes. Many of them are not lived in, so it seemed very much like a zombie film because it was night, in a deserted place, with flickering lights and naught but the cicadas to keep us company. We probably scared ourselves more than the place itself was scary. But we ended up being fine.
We went to visit a referral from the elders with high hopes. We got to the area before the appointment and knocked on some doors. We found one lady who said yes, I'd like to know more and I'd like to meet with you. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a second appointment with her. And I have a hunch that she might be a little mentally ill. There were some other people who we met that were nice and said come back, but I'm not interested in religion. So we plan on going back and talking about religion in a sneaky way, so that they don't even realize that they're having a religious conversation. In any case, we met with the referral and she said that she read a little of the pamphlet but she had to leave soon so she couldn't talk then. Also, we didn't get a second appointment. So we came home, had lunch, and then knocked on some more doors. We met one young mom who was very nice, but she lives in another town and was only in Yokkaichi for one day. Hopefully she'll meet the missionaries in her area. We talked to one old member who told us that that morning she had gone to the Post Office to pay her tithing (because that's how you do it in Japan) and as soon as she paid it a member offered to drive her to the grocery store and as soon as she got home and put her groceries away we came to her door. She said it was definitely blessings from paying her tithing. That night we had an FHE with some members and she gave me brown sugar jello. It seems a little funny that even in Japan members have an affinity for jello.
We walk out of the apartment and over to the bike parking spot to find my back tire completely flat. So we call the elders and say hey, can you help us? and they say yeah but we used our last patch this week and we say we don't have any either so we walked my bike to the bike shop. They fixed it and while they fixed it we had ice cream. Then we go on our merry way and 30 min later I'm completely flat again. So we walk back and say ummm, something is wrong. And they say yes, we'll take another look at it and give you a new tube for free. Apparantly, the stuff in my bike basket (aka scriptures and proselyting pamplets) is too heavy so it was damaging the spokes which would then come out of their spot and poke holes in my tire tube. So they replaced the spokes and we did some walking dendo during that time. I thought the whole thing was very funny, to have two flat tires in one day.
Companion exchange! This time another sister and I worked in Yokkaichi. Stremka shimai and I went to a less actives' house for lunch and service, only to have the lunch take too long so we had to call raincheck on the service. Then we biked up to a former investigator's house to talk with her. Stremka shimai couldn't get over how many trees and forest-y and field-y places there are in this area. Apparently her area is very city like. We met with the lady and she gave us a tea that we couldn't drink, so we just left it there in front of us. We talked for a while and then she asked if we would like a different drink. I said would that be ok and she said yes and gave us coconut milk with brown sugar in it. A much better tasting option I think. She came close to being an investigator again, but not quite. We'll try again next time. Then we came home and played badminton with the ward. It was very hot because the gym didn't have air conditioning, only two fans. But fun anyway.
Zone Training Meeting. It seemed to be a more spiritual one than ones in the past. Then we came home and biked very quickly to Komono cho which is an hour away by bike. We were both feeling pretty gross, so before our appointment we stopped at a convienient store to buy a gatorade like drink to try and get us hydrated again. Then we met with our recent converts for only a few minutes before we had to bike back again for a dinner appointment. I got an orange pastry that was like ambrosia.
One of the things that Yamashita Kaicho wanted us to do was go to the police station and introduce ourselves and find out some information about the area. So we did and they were nice and all they had to say was don't be out at night. So then we went to the city hospital to see if we could volunteer there. They said that because it was the weekend the people that we would need to talk to weren't there but if we came back on a week day we could try again. Then we went to visit some members and ring some doorbells. I don't like cicadas. They pretend like they're dead and lying on the ground but then they fly up as soon as you're near. They're like zombies.
We got a lot of member appointments made for this week! Yay! We were planning to go back to an area where we found some nice people, but a member came up to us and said that all of her family (not all of whom are active) would be at home that day, so please come and visit so they can hear. So we did. And when we got there no one was home, so we were wondering what to do, whether we should go to the area that we planned on going to or stay up in the area near the member. Then she came back home. She was watering her plants and didn't hear us come. So we taught a short lesson to her and her daughter and went to visit a nearby member. This member is so amazing. Right now she's having a hard time with her family, but her testimony is so strong. She has had some pretty amazing miracles in her life. After we shared our message she said hey, I'll come with you to knock on doors, so we went around her neighborhood talking to people. We practically taught half of lesson 1 to a mom and her two little kids, but she lives in another city and was just here for a day. I think we planted seeds for other missionaries to harvest. It has also been HOT!

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