Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 28

It's the start of a new transfer so I have a new planner and as such I forgot the one from last week so this is all going to be from memory.
We went out to eat with the elders at a curry restaurant because it was the last P-Day for Elder Tojo. We each shared the scariest moments we have had so far on our missions or in real life. Many of them did seem scary but we were laughing anyways. We went out to try and contact some referrals from the elders and got in touch with one out of three. We'll see where it goes from here.
We had a long day of biking ahead of us. We would go from one appointment 40 minutes north to another appointment 40 minutes more north to another appointment 40 minutes more north on the very edge of our area to bike back home for an hour and a half. On the way up from the first appointment to the second, Sister Vincent expressed a desire not to ride along the side of highways without sidewalks so I looked at the phone navigator to try and find another route. According to the phone, there was a small road that would take us over the highway and down to the road that we wanted. Little did we know that road would look like a cross between Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (see attached picture). So we start up this "road" and discover it is more like a hiking trail. And then we discover the spiderwebs. I think we fought off more than 50 spiders. We would pick up sticks and toss them through the webs and then race our bikes through. As we got to the top of the trail we turned around the corner expecting to see the way down, only to find a pile of fallen trees completely blocking the way down. So there we were, shouting distance from where we wanted to be but unable to get there. So we said let's just head back down. So we did. We get to the bottom of the trail and I look in my bike basket and...the phone is gone. It is now about 6 pm and starting to get dark so Sister Vincent and I said a prayer, grabbed our bike headlights which double as flashlights and head back up looking for the phone. At the very top, we find an ice pack which had fallen out of my bike and there, shiny and black, was the phone. So we sang hymns down the mountain, got on our bikes and headed back home in order to be home by curfew. Sister Vincent had 61 mosquito bites on one leg alone. I don't think I had quite as many, but certainly a lot.
I wrote my talk for Sunday so we were thankfully able to spend a little bit of time indoors. Everyone wants the picture of Sister Vincent with watermelon in her mouth. A yogurt sales lady that we talked to came to Eikaiwa.
We rode 45 min to an appointment to ride all the way back into town for district meeting. I think I have sweat more in this summer than I have in all of my life combined. I think I am in a Gatorade commercial. On the other hand, I am also more tan than I ever have been in my life. Each time I look at myself in the mirror it seems like someone's gone over me with an airbrush. We went up to visit a less active with the bishop's wife and it seemed to go over well. Afterwards the bishop's wife took us out to dinner at a spaghetti place and I had a delicious piece of chocolate cake. 
We found a new investigator! She is 84 years old. I bore my testimony about prayer, eternal families, and we had a small discussion about the Word of Wisdom and she said that we could come back. Hopefully she'll be willing to hear more about the gospel and not just want company to talk to. 
Transfer calls. I am....transferring! To the next area over! I am going to open Takabata for sisters. There are elders there, but me and Sister Ishihara (a Japanese sister from Okinawa) are going to be the first sisters there. Takabata is downtown Nagoya, including Nagoya station. No more rice fields and forests and green things. I feel sad to leave Yokkaichi because it is like home but excited to open a new area. I'm sure that we are going to get lost. I am also a new sister training leader (which is kind of like a Zone Leader but for sisters). Sister Vincent is becoming a trainer in Yokkaichi. Please pray for her and her new companion. This is going to be a hard experience but also one that can bring a lot of growth. We got to see a member perform the piano in a concert hall. It was quite beautiful and she was too. Around 8 o'clock, the phone rings and it is a less active sobbing on the other end of the phone. I tried to piece what she was saying through the sobs and couldn't get the whole picture so I said we'll pray for you and you should pray too. I also said that we would come and visit on Monday so hopefully we'll get a better understanding then. 
I said my goodbyes to the members here. I feel very sad to leave them because they have become my friends. I want to keep in touch with them for sure. I also want to keep up my Japanese after my mission so that I can communicate with them. The ward had a dessert party for the missionaries who are leaving, so we had a good time. Since I'm in the same stake still, we will see each other at Stake Conference and things like that.

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