Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 35! Pictures!

I got a lot of cards this week. Thank you to the ward relief society and the stake sisters who sent them. They made me very happy. I don't have a lot of time to write today, sorry.

Went to a large apartment complex seeking former investigators and less actives. Got there, couldn't find them, called the elders, and discovered that they had moved. So we visited a less active that we knew lived there and talked with her son for about 45 minutes. He showed us some of the artwork he's been doing at school and a game that he likes to play. He tried to show us music videos on youtube but we stopped him there. He seems really happy to talk to people.
Nobody home and our appointments canceled. A lot of time to ring doorbells. However, we got a referral from a member in another ward and the members came with us to meet her. She is very friendly and open so we hope that we can turn her into an investigator soon.
Went to a former investigator's house, rang the door bell, and when someone picked up the intercom, we asked if this was the person we were looking for. She said yes. We said we are the missionaries for the church of jesus christ of latter...and in the middle of us saying that she hung up and wouldn't answer the phone after that. I guess that means she doesn't want to meet with us. Yet again no one home and appointments canceled. Only 3 people came to Eikaiwa because it is test taking time for students in the area so everyone was either taking a test or studying for it.
Leadership Council. Spiritual discussion and much thinking. No conclusions made on the discussions. Afterwards, we taught the lesson for the missionary preparation class at institute. The lesson went very well I think. The teacher said that our lesson gave him hope for future missionary taught lessons, especially sisters. Apparently so far the missionary lessons have been difficult because so many of the missionaries are so new to the field. No time for dinner.
ZTM. Our Zone got split the last transfer so now there are only 20 people in the zone, 6 of whom are sisters. We are the sister leaders over two zones now, busy busy busy. But I much prefer busy to not busy. We then had a member present lesson that was a good presentation, but I don't know what the investigator thinks. We will follow up soon. Then we went with a member to buy the candy for the ward Halloween activity. We went to a bulk candy story and bought $80 of candy. I wanted to eat some for myself, but no such candy for us. Then we had a meeting with a member because apparently one of her work associates has accepted a Book of Mormon and has been asking her questions about the church. We taught her the Restoration so that she can have ideas of what to say to her friend. Hopefully he will accept the invitation to meet with the missionaries. No time for dinner.
GENERAL CONFERENCE! SO GREAT! I loved Elder Holland's talk. I cried as I thought of all the people that I know who are struggling with physical and mental obstacles. The missionaries all enjoyed the talk by the seventy that was all peppy and talked about missionary work, exclamation point! We also loved the strength of the seventy from the Carribiean? Africa? Either way, he had so much spiritual power in his talk. Afterwards, we went to a recent convert's house and had dinner. Yum.
More awesome messages. I loved the talk about the Sabbath day and it's importance. There was a man who came to General Conference of his own accord and we got to talk to him. He gave us his number and his address so the elders plan on teaching him from now on. Several other investigators and less actives came from all of the areas that attended at that building. Then we went to a Less Active's house and had dinner. Yum again. During the lesson, we got a call from President Yamashita. He had a referral for us! She is an associate of his son and daughter living in our area and apparently wants to know more about how to be happy in life. We will gladly teach her moreon Thursday when we have an appointment with her.
The pictures are: a funny building that we found one day riding around on our bikes and a construction site near the church.


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