Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 36

This week I took notes, so hopefully it will be better written!
We went with an investigator and her three children to the family home evening held at the honbu for investigators. On the way there, the kids sat in the back seat and pretended that the cars behind them were enemies. I think that game must be universal because I distinctly remember playing that game when we were young. When we pulled up to the honbu, we say the elders and one of their investigators. We were all suprised because we didn't know they were coming. Two of the kids got balloons from a missionary who can do balloon art. One was a poodle and one was a motorcycle. The FHE ended at 9:15 so we didn't get back until 10:00. I think President Yamashita will forgive us since he was the one who talked longer than expected.
No appointments so all suprise visits. During lunch, the AP's called us up and said, do you have time this afternoon? We said yes, why? They said that they are making a film for new missionaries so that they can see older missionary's dendo style. They wanted to film us doing something. So we met them at the train station and walked to an investigators house and sang her a hymn. I tried to sing harmony but I didn't do it very well. But it's caught on film now. Afterwards, we went to an ALL YOU CAN EAT CAKE RESTAURANT. I got three plates in before I felt like I could never look a cake in the face again. While we were there, there was a commercial for the restaurant being filmed. I would laugh if President Yamashita or one of the members saw me. Also, we got candy from a worker dressed like a pumpkin. We got takoyaki from a member again. As we were making a pinata, it popped, making us start all over again.
I got the package when I went to interviews. Thank you so much for the art book and the mormon ads! They help so much. The skirts work fine. The butterfly shirt is too big but the other shirts are fine. NO MORE PANTYHOSE. I have more than two sister missionaries could use in their entire mission. After interviews with the mission president, we met with a Brazilian lady and gave her a Book of Mormon, there was some definite translating by the Holy Ghost because we would say things in Japanese and she would respond in Portugese and we all understood each other. She gave us mint tea. I like it.
Ota-san opened up in our lesson with her. She agreed to be baptized around Christmas. We had an appointment with the referral from President Yamashita. As we were planning for her, two members from another ward called us up and said that they wanted to come to the lesson and share their testimonies. If all missionary work was like this, it would be so easy! Get referrals from other people, members say that they want to come of their own volition, the work would explode! The lady turned out to be a spectacular lady. I look forward to meeting with her more. She said that when she recieves an answer, she'd be baptized. Whoa. We met with another investigator at her door. I'm not sure if she didn't have time or if she just wanted us to leave early. On the way home, we saw a street vendor selling bread. We got stopped by the stoplight at the same corner where he was selling, and then we smelled it...and then we each bought one. It was possibly the melonpan I've had yet.
Met members as they were pulling out of their driveway, so couldn't talk to them, so we decided to go visit another member but the wife wasn't home so we couldn't go in. So we went out to another member to find out that she had to leave in five minutes to pick up her daughter from kindergarten. Oh well. Such is life. Then we spent the evening preparing for the Halloween party. We left with many things yet to do, so we were anxious that it could get done in time.
Halloween party. Over 80 kids alone, not including adults, showed up. Thankfully the members helped us set up and clean up so it all went smoothly, except that the pinatas wouldn't break open so we just had the elders dump them over the kid's heads. A former investigator came out of her house to greet us and was very happy to see us. Hopefully she comes to stake conference.
We visited a less active in the hospital. She was suprisingly genki and full of smiles. I hope that she keeps going that way. Then we went to a less active that we've never met before. We only spoke for about 10 min at the door, but it she is really struggling with her family life. As we left, she said that this was a really nice birthday present for her that the missionaries came and talked to her. We were totally thrown for a loop because we had no idea that it was her birthday. The Lord truly guides us.
Please send cookie recipes!

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