Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 13

I bought my new camera. We had dinner at a member's house. Delicious Japanese food. The Nagano shimai stayed over at our apartment again.

I did missionary work with Smith Shimai, a bean-chan who is currently working in Nagano. We went to an English class with a member and his wife and afterwards we shared a short message which turned into a deep disscussion about God, agency, and how to know what is right. I was suprised at how much people wanted to talk, but unfortunately that led to us not being able to say much. Smith Shimai and I had to go to Nagoya station to pick up our normal companions and then return to our normal areas. Unfortunately we got on the wrong train. It still took us to Nagoya, but it was a limited express train that costs extra money to ride, so we had to pay an extra $5. Oops. On the way home, I eavesdropped on two ladies on the train who were talking about how nice it would be to know English and so I whipped out a flyer and gave it to them. I finally got the package!

Like Abraham, the Lord provided for us when we were sacrificing. We had an appointment right before Eikaiwa and we didn't have time to stop to eat or make something and bring it, so we expected to spend the night hungry. One student came in with a carton of boiled eggs and said "here, take one. I thought you might like them." Then another student came in with a loaf of bread and a package of ham and said "this is a thank you for teaching us English." The Lord will always provide for the righteous. In the room where I teach English, there is a picture of President Monson (we teach at the church). One student asked who he was which lead to a small lesson about prophets in front of everyone. The Relief Society president called us up in the middle of the day and said "do you have time right now? I'd like to take you to a less active's house and share a message with you." We were extremely happy to say that we did have time. I also saw a small lizard. At first I thought it was rubber but when I got closer it moved.

I got called Sister Rogers twice in one day. We went to a picturesque town. We had a lesson face to face with an investigator that we usually only have phone appointments with. I think because we were face to face she shared some of her deeper thoughts and worries than she normally does. I hope that we can keep going back. I had a shrimp burger which wasn't to bad actually.

We had to cancel an appointment with a member because Zone Training Meeting went long. The elders spent 20 minutes trying to make a heart for a video for President and Sister Baird. We taught a new investigator most of the first lesson, but she said that she only believes in the Bible and since she already knows about Christ we ought to spend our efforts elsewhere.

It rained all day so I and all my scriptures and other things got soaked. I also slipped on the road and fell off my bike. I now have three layers of scars on my right knee. We weren't sure when a train to our next appointment was leaving, so we missed it. I ran for it even though my knee was in less than prime condition. We took the next one though. As we were heading toward the next station, we saw a 70 year old lady sprint like an olympian for the elevator. I was suprised at her energy. We held the elevator for her so she gave us some paper cranes. She was very nice and so I hope that we or some future missionaries find her again.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about recognizing the spirit. The most part of it was quotes, so I think it was understandable. When we got home after church, Eguchi Shimai crashed, so I let her sleep.

Love ya,

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