Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 12

My camera is broken, so I'm going to buy a new one/see if I can get it fixed rather than buy an electronic dictionary. I guess I dropped it too many times because the place where you put the batteries won't stay closed any more, so it can't make a full circuit to turn on. Oh well.

We were riding our bikes on a road with little to no shoulder and a car was coming, so I thought, I can either try to ride in between the telephone pole and the car or the telephone pole and the railing. I chose the telephone pole and the railing because they were stationary objects that would move around as I was riding. Unfortunately it proved to be a little too tight for my bike to fit, so my bike basket got a little bent going through. We tried to visit a member's house, but neither of us had ever been there before, so we walked around for 1 1/2 hours till we had to turn around because of our curfew. Then at the train station we got on the wrong train so we had to walk even further to get back to our apt. Needless to say we were late. When we checked the address of the member, it turns out that we didn't have the complete address. Oops.

We had been going around the same neighborhood for a long time looking for a less active's house till we called her (it was her birthday so we wanted to surprise her, but we figured it would be better to call her than to keep wandering). Upon caller her, we found out the church records weren't up to date, she had moved and the address we had was her previous house. Oops again. That night we spent an entire hour calling people to set up appointments for the coming month. It was fruitful labor.

We went to a member's house while she was at work so that we could heart-attack her door. When I pulled out the little hearts we cut out, a large beetle landed on them. Of course I dropped them and so of course the wind started to scatter them all over. It was kind of like an Easter Egg hunt, searching for them. It was fun. The Tagolog Book of Mormon came for our Phillipino investigator. Yay! Since this week was a holiday week for Japan, not many people came to our English class, so I taught both beginning and intermediate together.

We went to go visit a less active and found out that she had moved and the person living there was a former investigator of the elders! We have plans to go back and see if he will become an investigator again. One less active said that she thought when young people are fat they are cute. Then she called me cute. I wasn't sure how to take it... Sister Eguchi and I taught each other kitchen words.

One part member family's house had a guard dog. He wasn't barking, just growling quietly as we approached, so I thought maybe he is just getting acquainted  testing our mettle. So I opened the gate and took one slow step in. The dog didn't raise his hackles and he didn't bark or lunge or do much of anything, so I just walked slowly past without a problem. He was all growl and no bite. A less active we planned on visiting was busy, so we knocked on some doors and found a new investigator! Her name is Mable, she is from Zimbabwe, and her husband is a former investigator of the elders. Small world, eh?

This time we visited a house with a guard cat. It was a friendly cat though. We had a lunch appointment with a member, but we got there early so we rang the doorbell of the house next door. The member came back from walking her dog and saw us on the neighbor's doorstep 
and thought that we had rang the wrong house.

Jonah, our Phillipino investigator got baptized  She cried during the baptismal service. Her dress kept coming up so they had to do the ordinance 5 times. Afterwards she said she felt "refreshed." See attached picture.

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