Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 38

The bishop/new stake president's wife called us up and said "Let's go grocery shopping together!" She bought us rice and peppers and chips and all sorts of stuff. Sister Ishihara accidentally stepped on a praying mantis when we visited a less active. It suprised me that I actually felt a little sorry for it.
A day full of people not home. Thankfully we were able to get a hold of an investigator we hadn't seen in a week. She seems to be worried about the various requirements it takes to get baptized. We both expressed that if we could meet more often those concerns would be resolved. Perhaps she will make some time for us.
Companion exchange with sister Neilson. She had a full on cold so we kinda took things slow. We tried to visit a member whose son had a birthday, but in the member list, it only had a partial address. So we said we'd go anyway and see if we could find it. After some aimless biking looking at the names on mailboxes, we stopped by three moms talking while their kids played in the nearby park. We asked them if they new these members and they said they didn't but then they started calling all of the people they did know to see if they knew the members. After about twenty minutes of callling, they finally found one friend who did know and we found the member's house. Yay for grape vines! As we were riding our bikes to the train station, we met this one lady who lived in New York for 3 or four years when she was in elementary school. She and her family became protestant there and she has been active in her church since. She was in a house fire and had scars all over her arms but none on her face. She said that she felt like she was preserved by God and that it was an experience sent by God to convert her. She told us rough directions on where she lives, so we hope to do some housing around there and run into her again.
 Companion exchange with Sister Aoki in Yokkaichi. Two in a row! It really made Sister Ishihara and I realize how grateful we are for eachother. It finally sunk in when I was in Yokkaichi again that it is no longer my area and I have a new place to work, a new section of the vineyard. It made me a little sad, but it helped me realize the relationships in Takabata that I have.
On the way to change back companions, we talked with two college students who seemed promising, but the conversation got cut short because we had to get off the train. One investigator talked with us for 20 minutes, which is an improvement. Another investigator feels torn between this religion and the one she is going to now because she says that she feels the same in both places. Watched Joseph Smith movie with young investigators. They said they think it is true.
Taught an 8 year old to pray.
Ward still doesn't have a new bishop. Planned Christmas party. Taught recent convert and challenged her daughters to read Book of Mormon.

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