Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 40

I don't have a lot of time because we have to go to the honbu to drop off Sister Ishihara since she's dying.
I sent my Christmas package and a postcard with my comments on the gifts. You can open the box because they're already wrapped. Feel free to make guesses from my comments. Look for the box and the card some time in the next week I think. Also, any Christmas presents need to be shipped before Dec 1 so that they get here in time.
We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, but it was a small place and around 2 so we were the only ones there. As we were leaving, a big black SUV pulled up beside us and blocked the road. It was the restaurant owner with something that we had forgotten in the restaurant. We were both suprised that he would ride us down to give it to us. He was very nice.
A member gave me a three or four pound bag of rolled oats. I'm not sure what to do with it. Ran out of TP. Akward. I taught a Katy Perry song to the Eikaiwa students. I wasn't sure how I felt about it.
We went to a member's takoyaki restaurant and they gave us everything on the menu for free! I was so full, but it was so good. One investigator dropped us, but we ran into a lady we have been trying to meet for three months and she said please please come back! We took cake to the Korean man that gave us Aquarius. He was so suprised to see us again. He gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and said that he wanted to meet with us again.
I had cake for breakfast. Pretty much the whole week we were eating at restaurants or member's homes so we rarely ate what was in our fridge. We met a lot of investigators, some progress. I had a pear for dinner. Yum.
My new companion is Sister Hansen, my MTC kohai. I am now the Sister Training leader for all of Yokkaichi zone. We made a mountain of mashed potatoes for an FHE.
Baptismal service for Elder's investigator. The we and the elders sang...or rather the we sang and the elders tried valiantly. Then for sacrament meeting we sang with two less actives. Then Thanksgiving themed FHE for investigators and members. No one knew how to cut up a whole chicken so I did it. Everyone seemed to have a good time.
This week has been very cold.

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