Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 41, It was a good week.

My goodbye with Ishihara shimai was less than cinematic. We were waiting in the mission office for the other sisters to come pick me up and then some other people came into the office and then Sister Ishihara got pulled into an interview with the financial clerk so our goodbye was something along the lines of "oh, yeah, see you." The other sisters and I then went out with a member in that area to get them winter coats since both of them are from warm areas. Then we got cake. I got a chocolate pistachio creation that was unbelieavably divine. I made the call for the movers to come pick up their luggage since none of them knew how to do it. Then all I had to do was wait, so we watched Legacy and laughed over all the cheesy parts. Then we did a lot of walking. When we got home, we started planning, so I crossed my legs since I didn't have a desk and I look down to find my ankle a bleeding mess. New shoes-new calluses. But a good wash and a bandaid made things better.
More walking. I developed some lovely blisters. After the movers came we headed to the golden clock in Nagoya eki to meet with everyone's new companions to find no one there. I look behind me and my companions aren't there either. Thankfully I had a phone and so I called some people. The sisters I came with eventually caught up (they were putting money on their train passes) and the sisters we were meeting were eating lunch. Then we parted ways and came back to Takabata. We met this one girl on the street who agreed to come to church and to have a tour of the building. Hopefully we can teach her. Then, we got a text from a member who is friends with a former investigator that said that the investigator wanted to be baptized! So we called up the investigator and she said that she wanted to get baptized before December! Miracles happening all over the place!
A Potential Investigator called us up and set up an appointment, so we finally can count her as an investigator. Another miracle! We missed the movers coming with Sister Hansen's luggage the first time, so we called them back and asked them to come between 6 and 8. Trouble was, we Eikaiwa from 7 so we wouldn't be home for half the time. Thankfully they came at 6:45. Unfortunately, because they came then, we were a little delayed in getting Eikaiwa started. I think that because the church was dark until right before it started, some people thought that we didn't have it that day. Oh well. A bunch of elders were staying over in the elder's apartment so we asked them to put Sister Hansen's bike back together. It was funny to see 8 elders huddling around a bike.
The reason why there were elder's staying over was because there was an all mission conference! It was strange to look at the mission and only know a handful of people because the rest of them are all so young. The speaker was Elder Evans of the Seventy. He spoke at the MTC while we were there and a lot of what he shared then he also said at the MTC. Nevertheless, it was a good conference. We talked about how to hasten the work. He is the director of the MTC or of missionary work or something up high like that. He said that there are going to be some changes made to the white handbook and to the missionary schedule coming soon. I wonder what. Also, eventually, we will have iPad minis. I hope they come before May.
Two of our investigators agreed to keep the Word of Wisdom without blinking an eye. Yay! One investigator finally opened up on why she doesn't want to come to church. Apparently when she came before, everyone was dressed so nicely and in nice families and couples that she didn't fit in she felt. I hope she can try once more. We decided to put in some time to making the area map. No where near being completed, but progress made.
We had a lesson with a 10 yr old and two 8 yr olds. They were really interested in the gospel art book. We were able to talk alot about different principles based on the questions they asked about the pictures. One of them asked what the word symbol means. I can't really explain that in English, let alone Japanese. We went to visit a Less Active and discovered the elders to be there before we were. It's the second time in three months that this has happened.
Lots of unexpected people came to church! A member brought her friend and her friend's daughter to church. That member was just the kind of member that all missionaries hope members will be. She sat next to them and explained things and bore her testimony and was all smiles. Then one lady came to church of her own accord. She apparently drives by the church often because she has a friend that lives nearby, so she decided to see what it was like on the inside. I asked her for her number but no such luck. Then the investigator that is being baptized also came to church. The members were all on top of it in helping her get the baptisimal program figured out. Part of me wanted to say that all investigators and baptisms should be like this and part of me felt like I was being crowded out and I needed to participate more. One member made us nikuman, the steamed meat buns. They were perfect. We were riding our bikes up this hill. At the top, there was a stoplight that was red, so we stopped and panted and when I looked around, the two cars next to us were both members. We had as much of a conversation that one can have at a stoplight and waved them goodbye.  Lots of good things this week. Hopefully we can keep things up!
Love you all,

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