Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week 42

I'm really glad that Bryan is doing better. And I'm glad to hear that Karen is engaged. And I want to hear about your reactions to your gifts.
We had plans to go to a large scenic park in our area to take pictures of the fall leaves, but it was raining, so we went to the all you can eat ice cream place instead. We then had a dinner appointment with some members, but the dad hadn't returned from work yet, so the elders had to stay outside in the rainy cold till he got home.
We got a huge bar of chocolate, 500 g of pure dark chocolate, from a member. I would send you a picture of it but I forgot my camera cord, so next week I'll send lots of pictures. Our investigator passed her baptismal interview! YAY! We also got in contact with a potential investigator and she said that the television show she was watching was talking about the bible at the exact moment we called so she thought it was a sign from God saying that she ought to talk with us. She was sick so she couldn't meet with us last week, but we are hoping to meet with her this week. Then we visited a less active family. Their ten year old basically poured out his heart to two twenty ish year old gaijin girls. We were happy that he opened up but a little suprized.
I had a kokan with Hammon shimai and Wakazono shimai. We had to do walking dendo because there are only two bikes here in Takabata. But it was a good day I think. A less active couple came to Eikaiwa. Also, one of the students attending my class, upon looking in on the other class, discovered her older brother there. I think Heavenly Father wants that family in contact with this church.
Hansen shimai and I bought a dozen donughts from Krispie Kreme. I made them last over three days though. Elder Richard out of the blue called us up and was like, we want to have lunch with you. Do you have time? So we all four went to McDonald's. We tried for curry first, but the restaurant wasn't open. Then we had another member appointment. We get there at 6, to hear from that member that she invited another family over and they won't be over until 7. Hmm.
The church carpets were being cleaned, so we had District Meeting in a convini. But hey, it gave me the opportunity to eat taro ice cream (which was delicious). We finally were able to meet with an investigator that we haven't been able to meet with in a while. She promised to pray out loud, so here's hoping she keeps her promise.
Only one person came to Kid's Eikaiwa. I'm not sure if everyone was sick, out of town, had tests, or doesn't like us anymore, but it was quieter at least. We had dinner with two of our investigators. It was tomato seafood nabe. Nabe is kind of like soup, everything is really chunky so you just get the stuff and not the broth. In the nabe was oysters, clams, shrimp, and fish. Delicious, but slightly scary to see all those things go in. Also served was liver. I felt like I couldn't turn the food down, so I ate it. Suprisingly good, but still strange to wrap your head around.
Kuroki shimai was baptized! Again, I'll send the pictures next week. President Yamashita and his wife came in person to see the baptism. Hansen shimai and I were a little nervous singing at the baptisimal service, but it went over well. President Yamashita asked all the missionaries to ask the members in testimony meeting if they have any friends that they would introduce to the missionaries. We all felt like it wouldn't go over well with them, but we did it anyway. We helped put up Christmas trees to put in the foyer of the church. It was fun.
What day/time do you want to skype for Christmas? As far as I know, actually skyping on Christmas is fine. If that is the case, then
  • Christmas morning for you, night for me,
  • Christmas morning for me, Christmas eve for you,
  • the morning of the 23 for me, the evening of the 22 for you
are the options as I see it. The morning for me is more convinient for me.

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