Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 52

That's right! As of tomorrow I will have been in Japan for an entire year! It has gone by faster than I thought. I hope to make the best of these last three months.
In the morning we went to the festial at the local shrine. I ate so much! I was full from 11oclock to 6oclock. But I still wanted to eat more... In the afternoon, we went to Sakae, the main shopping district in Nagoya. There were some really ritzy places there, but we didn't go in for fear of pushy sales people. I bought two cardigans for $16, which I think is pretty cheap. I also found salsa, so I bought that. Unfortunately, it started to rain while we were out and we didn't bring umbrellas. Thankfully, it wasn't heavy rain. We stopped in at a takoyaki shop that looked pretty sketch, but it was delicious and cheap. I had wasabi mayonaise flavor. Then we went with some investigators to the honbu FHE. They enjoyed it. The Elder's Quorum President drove them there. President and Sister Yamashita both thought that he was an investigator.
We left the apartment at 11 after our studies. We went to some far away members and less actives. We didn't get back to the apartment until 8:30pm. In the morning, it was warmish, but then around noon the weather changed to really cold and rainy. Again no umbrellas or raincoats, so we took shelter in a convini and then decided to house a nearby apartment complex. By the time that was done, the rain had cleared up, but we were still cold. Then we went to help the one sister who was having bad morning sickness again. I'm always glad to be of service. We got back and planned and then the Toyama sisters came by because the next day was...
ALL MISSION SISTER CONFERENCE! All the sister missionaries from the whole mission got together for a special meeting. When I first got here, there were 12 sisters. Now there are 42 and still more coming. We talked about the same things as what Brother Heaton taught us. Then Sister Yamashita taught us about hand and leg massages with aroma therapy oils. It was smelly. We had subway for lunch! I don't know where they found a subway in Japan, but they did. Then we came home and taught Eikaiwa. A seventy-three year old man decided that he wanted to come for the first time. Just goes to show that no matter how old you are you can always learn something new.
Went out to visit people, no one home, so we used a coupon we got from a member and had a very delicious lunch of tempura eel. We had an appointment with some investigators. We decided to try for a more lighthearted approach, and because of that, one of them agreed to come to church every week!
We had our last meeting as a district. We guessed where everyone was going and ate chocolate and took a picture and we also talked about being consecrated missionaries. Spiritual and fun. We went to visit a PI, but we weren't sure where she lived in the building, so we rang the doorbell of everyone from the top to the bottom. Turns out she lives right next door to a current investigator. She invited us in and we talked about many things. She almost became an investigator but we couldn't get another appointment, so we weren't able to count it. In the near future she will be an investigator I think. We then went to a less active's house and had an FHE with them. The two younger kid's said that they didn't know who Jesus was at all. It was sad to hear that. But we hope to improve this!
We woke up and it was snowing! Already a few inches on the ground. For personal exercise we went and made a snowman. Then, transfer calls. Guess what? I'm...TRANSFERRING! I'm opening Fukuroi which is in Shizuoka prefecture which is near Mt. Fuji, so be expecting pictures within the next month! My new companion is Sister Oda, who is a transfer 5 missionary. This may be my last area and my last companion, but there's still one transfer call left, so you can't be sure. In my stead, Sister Hart, the sister that came with me to Japan, will be here. I trust her with this area and our investigators. I will miss them though. So as it was snowing, the roads were slushy. I crashed 4 times. I have some lovely bruises and scar layer #7 for my knee. At least this time all the skin wasn't taken off, just sort of cracked open. I'm fine. I didn't cry, but I just sat down on the curb. After about two minutes I was fine. So we walked home and didn't ride our bikes the rest of the day. Thankfully my bike isn't busted up. I got a blessing from the elders that said comforting things.
Our investigator came to church and she agreed to be baptized! One less active came to church during Relief Society and asked us if we could go to a nearby park and bury her guinea pig which had died. We gladly went with her and said a prayer with her. We had a food party with the ward. Lots of good food. The cookies that we brought were all eaten. One member gave us a coupon for a hot dog shop so we are planning to go there today for lunch.
Love you all,

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