Monday, March 17, 2014


Sister Oda's desk finally came! Sister Oda bought a new (more expensive) rain coat and rain pants since the one that she has isn't very good. Mine isn't that great either, but I figure I've only got a little bit of time left so what the hey. In the store they played regular radio music. It was really weird to hear it. I have become a lot more sensitive to lyrics. Then we spent a little bit of time at home before we had to get on the train to go to Nagoya. We met up with the Nagano sisters in the station and had dinner together before we went to Yokkaichi to spend the night.
Leadership Council. I took the time before hand to write down some questions that I wanted answered and I seemed to get more out of this one than I have for a while. We thought it was going to end at 2, but it turned out to go till 3:30. Thankfully this time we were able to ride the less expensive train instead of the $50 one. As soon as we got off the train in Fukuroi we got into a member's car to go visit a part member family. We talked about prayer with the member's daughter and asked if she'd like to meet with us again. She said no, but I think that it was still a good chance to meet her. 
Rain. A lot of it. We had left our bikes at the train station because the member drove us home the night before, so we walked to the station and rode our bikes back. Then I made 7 layer dip because at advanced Eikaiwa, we held a birthday party for all the March birthdays. They were all very impressed by the dip. They thought it was salad though. Then we went home and Sister Oda just sort of curled up and died because she wasn't feeling well. So I worked on our map until some members came to pick us up to go out to eat. Lots of delicious food! And interesting drinks. Unbeknownst to us, it was a birthday party because last of all a birthday cake came out! We still have some left over in our fridge. 
Zone Conference. President Yamashita and Sister Yamashita came. They said that my part of the presentation was perfect and that I spoke slowly and clearly enough for everyone to understand. I felt rather pleased. When President Yamashita was speaking about the power of the Atonement, a warning saying that his laptop was almost out of battery. He exited out and continued speaking. He was in the middle of saying "through the Atonement you can recieve any power" when his laptop completely died. He said "but I just lost power." We all laughed really hard. I got a package from the honbu with various languages of pamphlets. It was big and heavy and couldn't fit in my bike basket properly so I was off balance going home. I finally just got off my bike and walked it home since steering was too crazy. 
Companion exchange! We met with a member referral with a member. She said that she'd be ok with baptism! She has a lot of questions though. I think that with time and learning they will all be answered though. We ate ramen with the member and then we rode home to get on a train to switch back. Then Oda shimai and I went out and visited some less actives and PIs. We finally were let into a PI's house and were able to teach her a lesson! Yay! We are hoping that she comes to the game night on Wednesday.
No kids came to Eikaiwa. :( So we took banana cake to PI's. And then Sister Oda's bike went flat. Thankfully we were close to home so we were ok. Then we went with a recent convert to a missionary fireside held by President Yamashita. His conversion story is very interesting. 
We taught Sunday school for one of the elder's investigators and a less active. Then we did planning and had a heart to heart. Just as our planning session was wrapping up, we hear many sirens very close to us. We look out the window to see the apartment building next to us on fire. Thankfully we were not harmed in any way and no one was harmed in the fire. Just the building. We thought about talking with the people there but we had an appointment so we couldn't stop. By the time we got back it was all over. Thanks to Heavenly Father for protecting us. 

Love you


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