Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 54

Claire's note: It turns out I skipped an email with some pretty cool pictures. Sorry folks.

SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We went with the elders to a ramen shop and the waiter/chef did a little song and dance as he stirred everything up. It was pretty good for ramen. Then we went to an aviary and got to hold and pet birds of all discriptions! I petted a duck, swan, flamingo, parakeet, owl, penguin, goose, and others. See pictures One of the geese would tug on my pants in order to get me to feed it. It was cute. There was also an emu pen where you could go in and hang out with them. Kinda scary, but no worries.Then we went out for ice cream and pizza before heading out to work.
We had an apartment check by one of the senior couples. Our apartment was clean but we still hadn't unpacked, so we hurriedly put all our clothes in the closet and our books in drawers. We were putting things away right up to the moment they came to our door, but thankfully we had just finished. Then we went out and did missionary work with the elders. In order for us to get to know the area a little better, they rode with us to members houses and we shared messages together. We left the church building at one and we didn't get back home until 8:00 at night. A headache started sending out its angry feelers but thankfully Elder Chiba had medicine and we got grape juice from a member earlier that day so I was able to make it home ok. It is very dark out here! I have to use my light on high brightness all night because there are no city lights and few highway lights. I'm glad that I got a nice light at the start. 
We went to visit an investigator, not there, so we housed some. We saw a 80 or 90 year old woman scale a wall. She was walking across the parking lot when she came to a section of a park-like area that was higher than the rest. The wall was about eye level and she worked her way up somehow. It was an amusing sight. Then we went and visited some PI's. Not home. Oh well.
We had weekly planning session in the morning and then we went on companion exchanges with the Hamamatsu sisters. Sister Anderson and I worked in Fukuroi and Sister Aoki and Sister Oda worked in Hamamatsu. Sister Anderson and I decided to go visit a Less Active couple that lived very far away because they are very similar to an investigator and her family. So we start riding out that way. After about an hour, I stop and check the map again to find out we've only gone half way. We had Eikaiwa that night, so we had to make the decision to either turn around and go back or keep going and not go to Eikaiwa. We decided to keep going. Just as we pull onto the street where they live, my back tire goes flat. This place is in the middle of nowhere, literally, and there aren't any shops for about 2 miles in any direction. We call the Less Actives, but the husband had to go to work so they couldn't take us to a bike shop. So we tried to find someone who could help us. Thankfully, a mom and her kids happened to walk out onto the street at that time and we asked them if they could help us. The dad came out and looked at my bike and declared that he couldn't fix it, but that he could drive us and our bikes to a nearby Lowe's like store that had a bike repair spot inside. We get to the store to find out that the bike repair service is only available until 5 pm. It is now around 7 pm. So we call the elders who call the members to see if anyone can come pick us up. Thankfully the branch president and the relief society president come to the rescue. Sister Anderson and I walked to the nearby grocery store, bought dinner, and then waited outside the bike repair spot until they got there. We got to the church around 8:15, just as Eikaiwa was ending. I was just glad that we got home and no one was hurt.
The elders showed us where a nice bike shop was and we left my bike in their care until District Meeting was over. There were some fantastic testimonies born. Elder Chiba's testimony in particular made everyone cry. Then we went out for katsudon, breaded pork over rice. Yum. Then sister Oda and I went to a bookstore to get a better map because we decided that the one that we had was not detailed enough. After we got that, we went to the bike shop to pick up my bike. Apparently, the rear reflector had gotten loose which had gotten tangled in the spokes which made them loose which then poked holes in my tube which damaged my tire. They had to replace the tube, tire, spokes, and straighten the rim. All said and done, $65. I like their prices. Then we went to visit a member. She offered to feed us and we gladly accepted. Then we went to sports night with a PI. Not very many people came, so we played basketball speed and crab soccer and did aerobics. Another PI was found that night, so hopefully it will develop into something better.
We taught kid's Eikaiwa and were able to give a Book of Mormon to a dad that came with his kids. Then we went with the same PI from the day before to an old folk's home to do aerobics with them. There was a lady there who is 101! Afterwards she took us to her friend's cafe where we got tomato soda. Ok, but not something I would get again I think. Then we went out again to visit some people who lived far away. After an hour of biking, Sister Oda's bike went flat. Yet again, we called the elders who called the members who came to help us. Thankfully this time only the tube was bad and not the whole tire. Twice in one week! I think as far as trials go this is a really funny one.
The elder's investigators came to church, which made them really happy. Just as church ended, a PI came to church with a box full of bakery delights for us. We tried to get her to stay but she left quickly. I have never had homemade food that is as divine as those baked goods were. We went with a member to an investigator lesson, but she wasn't there. I felt so bad for the member. But, it happens. Then the elders fixed Sister Oda's bike. I like the elder's fix-it-service, it's the cheapest:$0. We went out to visit another investigator later that night, but she wasn't home. So we housed some and came back again 45 min later. She wasn't home but her dad was home and said that she would be home the next day at 5:30. Here's hoping that we meet her! On the way home, my headlight ran out of battery. I had a small blinking light as well, so I turned that on but I might as well have had nothing on at all, for how weak it was. Riding on unfamiliar sidewalks at night with no light is not recommended. But we're safe and our bikes are fine, so all's well that ends well.

Love you lots,

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