Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 53

We went out to eat with the elders at a hot dog place because a member gave us coupons. I ordered a cheese dog thinking that it would be something like a nacho cheese, but when I got it, it turned out to be kimchee and cream cheese hot dog. But it did taste good. Then Sister Hansen and I went and took pictures together on our last day. We visited with an investigator and she commited to come to church. I hope that it's more than once and not just one time. We had a lesson with an investigator, so we asked a member to come, but the investigator was a no show. I felt bad for the member but glad that she was willing to take the time even if it didn't work out. Then we went to an FHE where I had seafood curry for the first time. Appetizing. Then we talked about family history and played a kanji game. We then decorated a cake and ate it ourselves. A nice last night in Takabata.
An investigator made time to meet with us so we talked with her at the church building for about half an hour. I shared President Uchtdorf's quote "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" and urged her to keep learning. Then a member dropped by with some potato salad and a fruit roll for us. We made the honey comb given to us by the recent convert by the recipe, but I gotta tell ya, It wasn't good. It was the texture of fat with little flavor and a bitter smell. Yuck. Maybe we made it wrong, maybe it wasn't good, but whatever the case, I think I'll stick to normal honey. Then we went to the golden clock at Nagoya station and I met my new companion. Also guess who else was at the clock? Sister Eguchi, my old companion! See picture. She had the day off so she and a friend came to Nagoya for the day and ran into all the missionaries. I was so happy to see her. Then Oda shimai and I picked up our stuff and went with the other missionaries from the Shizuoka zone to the train to take us out there. It was so strange to be in a part of Nagoya eki that I've never been in before. I was also so amazed at the new scenery outside the train. I'm so used to the same scenery that it was a slight shock to see different things. The train ride was also rather long. We rode a taxi (my first time on my mission) from the eki to our apartment because it apparently takes about half an hour to walk. The apartment is SOOOOOOOO NICE! See picture. It was an apartment that a senior couple was going to use, but she got sick and so they had to go home, so President Yamashita decided to put shimai here. We have beds! Well, technically, it is two twin beds bolted together to make a queen sized bed so we only have one bed, but as soon as we get them unbolted, we will have our own bed! Part of me wants to sleep on a futon just to say that I went my whole mission on a futon, but the other part of me wants to sleep on the bed. 
We spent part of the day in Fukuroi. We met with the advanced Eikaiwa students, and then we had to go back towards Nagoya because we had Leadership Council the next day. I got to spend the night in Yokkaichi, which meant that I got to see many old friends. I really enjoyed being there.
At Leadership Council, President Yamashita told us to use our heads, pray, and answer what we think is right to the missionaries in our zone. Since we are representatives of him in our various zones, we have to use our powers of reasoning and think on our own. If we really don't know, we can ask him, but up until that point, figure things out on your own is the gist of what he said. I think that it will help the mission to have self-sufficient leaders and a support rather than a burden to the mission president. We went back to Yokkaichi and then Sister Oda and I had to ride a shinkansen (bullet train, my first ever!) back to Fukuroi to make it home before the deadline. The shinkansen was very much like an airplane, but with more space for your legs.
Zone Training Meeting. It is so different to be in a different zone in a different building with different missionaries. In any case, we talked about the training we recieved and then went out to lunch at this tiny restaraunt. We filled it up pretty much and then they kindly kicked us out once we were done. It takes so long to get places out here! Everything is so far away I feel like. Maybe I've just been spoiled being close to other things out in my other areas. At night, we went with the elders to a PI's volleyball club. Everyone there was very good, so she told us to sit it out because otherwise we would get hurt. So we played crab soccer and hide-and-go-seek with the kids. Apparently it was so fun that the kids asked us to come back. 
The ward had a sushi party as done by a member's husband who is a professional sushi chef. I learned the proper way for sushi rolls and nigiri sushi. Let's hope I remember it all so that I can teach you when I get back. That took up most of the day, but we got to meet with members and non members alike.
The Fukuroi branch is very small. Only 25ish active members. I think that the thing that will help them the most is more numbers so that the responsibilities fall on other shoulders. There are many old people here and almost no young people. But, we hope to build the branch in anyway that we can. 

Love you lots,

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