Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 45 Christmas Eve!

I can't believe that it is almost Christmas already! I still feel like it is the beginning of December.
After we e-mailed our families, we went and delivered cookies from the Relief Society to Less Actives. We soon discovered that many addresses are either incomplete or incorrect. I wish that I could go in and change the information on the ward rosters, but I am not the Ward Clerk, so I can't.
We made cookies for a carroling activity. We made plain sugar cookies and the holiday fruit drops. The member that we made them with was so suprised to put dried fruit in cookies. Then I went to Gokiso on a kokan. Their apartment is actually an entire house. The downstairs has been remodled because it used to be a store of some sort but the upstairs is very old fashioned Japanese style. They also have a landing on the roof. I went to teach a family with Sister Nielson. Their son had a freak stroke at a young age and so he is bed bound and un able to talk, but still responsive. When we came in the door, he began to smile uncontrollably. The care worker who was there on his weekly visit said that it was the first time that he had ever seen the boy that happy in the entire year that he had been coming. We started the lesson in the next room over and the boy shifted himself so that he could be facing us. The worker and the parents were all suprised. It just seemed to me that it goes to show that anyone can feel the Spirit and everyone has spirits within themselves. We visited the former stake president unnanounced and his wife decided to feed us. I was very thankful because we didn't have time to eat dinner that day. I asked him when he was stake president what were the most effective missionary programs. He said that members creating a list of people they would like the Lord to bless, (specifically in chances to hear the gospel) ad then they prayed each day for those people. He also said that the ward having monthly activities for investigators or less actives was also effective.
We ended the kokan and went straight to a member appointment. It was raining and I didn't have an umbrella so we got pretty wet. And cold. But thankfully we didn't catch a cold. We then went To try and visit a less active, not home, so we bought dinner from a convini and ate it before Eikaiwa.
We finally got hold of an investigator that we have been trying to meet for a very long time. Yay! Her response at seeing us was better than I expected. We set up an appointment for the next day where...
She said that she wanted more time to think about baptism. She said that she had been feeling a little bit of pressure, so I said yes, it's ok to have some more time. Then another investigator called us up and said that she would like to meet because her schedule opened up and she had enough time. We talked about the Law of Chastity using the Family Proclamation as a tool. She seemed a little confused as to why this was an issue because she's already doing it. Then we went to a recent convert's birthday party. He pulled out his book of mormon and told pretty much all of the people who came about it and why it made him so happy. We have a few good potential investigators from that party.
We had kid's eikaiwa, prepared for the ward Christmas party, taught family Eikaiwa, and then went to the ward Chrristmas Party to help set up. I think that for the people who came who were not involved, it was fun, but for the members it was nothing but stress. Elder Richard played Santa. He is about as fat as a cow coming out of a famine, so he had to bulk up with jackets and bags, but it still wasn't enough. I laughed very hard when I saw him.
We had carrolling with a member for most of the day. It was very fun. Suprisingly, my voice was actually a little raw by the end. We had delicous cake with her.
Lots of Love, talk to you Wednesday!

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