Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 44

We went to Komeda's coffee, a popular cafe here in Nagoya. We had iced hot chocolate, danishes, and egg sandwiches. I left full enough to last me the rest of the day. We then went to visit a member who is moving. She gave us some stuff that she didn't want to take with her to give to another member who is struggling to make ends meet at the moment. Then we went with the elders to visit a family in the ward who lives very far from the building. She said that it was the first time in 3 years that missionaries had visited their family. We didn't have much time to do the things that we usually do on PDay, including buy groceries.
Christmas conference! We watched a bit of the christmas devotional from Salt Lake and then we talked about various things that we can do to achive higher goals. We also talked about continuing to push hard so that this success continues on past Christmas to January and beyond. For lunch we had a more Westerny-type meal of mashed potatoes, chicken breasts, carrots and broccoli with cheeze soup. As soon as I had the cheese soup it made me think of Mom's cooking so I think they got it right. We had jello and brownies for dessert. Yum.
Kokan with the sisters in Yokkaichi. We met with two less active families and had a good conversation with both of them I think. Our English class turned into listen-to-a-teenage-girl-go-on time. I wasn't sure how to politely say that it was English class time so stop talking.
The Yokkaichi sisters were a little late coming to meet us, so Sister Aoki and I went into a takoyaki shop and ate stuff while we waited. When the Yokkaichi sisters got there, they bought metarashi dango which is sticky pounded rice balls covered in a sweet soy sauce and then charred. Neither of them liked it, so I got to finish theirs off. I was very happy. We got a text from an investigator saying that she couldn't meet with us until January so I took some time to write a bunch of texts so that I could just hit send instead of taking time each day. On the one hand I think it has helped, but on the other, I think that taking small bits of time each day might be more effective.
We made flyers for activities coming up in the ward. I feel like we spent too much time indoors this week, but on the other hand I think that what we did needed to happen. As we were riding to a less active's house, Sister Hansen and I got separated. I didn't realize it for a very long time because whenever I looked behind me I saw bike lights so I though that she was right behind me. I turned around and searched for her for a while but since I wasn't finding her, I said a prayer and went in one direction. I went to the end of that street and felt like I ought to turn around. So I did. Just as I was passing a convini, a phone call came. Sister Hansen had asked someone for their cell phone and called the phone. Turns out she was in the convini by which I stopped. I know that was directed by Heavenly Father.
We taught the plan of salvation to our family Eikaiwa people. It seemed to go over fine, but I don't think that it sunk in for them. They offered to take us to a famous place here in Nagoya on the 23, so we'll be able to spend some time with them and perhaps have a bit of radioactive happiness come into their lives. One investigator prayed for the first time. I hope that the answers to her prayers come in a way that she can recognize them.
We had ward council and then the christmas broadcast then we got asked to help decorate the church for Christmas so we ended up spending 9 hours at church yesterday. But it felt good. We had dinner and a lesson at a member's house. Delicious okonomiyaki (cabbage filled pancake like things) and ice cream for dessert. I appreciated their willingness to meet with us and feed us. I hope that they continue to do so with the future missionaries.
We went to the find it closed. Oh well. We'll try again another time I guess. So we went to Nakamura Park instead. (see pictures).

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