Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 58 Last Transfer!

Starting from today, this is the beginning of my last transfer. It mostly feels weird because it feels just like any other transfer, but at the end, I am not going to go to another area in the mission, I am going home. WEIRD!

We did our dendo in the afternoon and rode out to our very far investigator. On the way we found a PI. Yay! Then we stopped by the biggest mall in our area for the remainder of our P-Day. The mall is on top of a giant hill. We were riding on the sidewalk of the switchbacks to get up this hill when we discovered that the sidewalk went into some trees and away from the road. I had had this kind of experience with Vincent shimai, so we decided to get off the sidewalk and ride on the road with the cars. We finally made it to the top and spent our day wandering around in the mall. I bought a button down shirt and a pair of jeans that fit me. Sister Oda bought much more than me. We went into a design T-shirt shop because they had some comfortable looking dresses. When I put it on I felt like I was wearing a house dress, but Oda shimai looks great in them so she bought two. 
Companion exchange with Fuji sisters! I saw Fuji. See picture. We taught an investigator lesson 3. Just as we were wrapping up, her mom (who is a member) came home and asked us if we had talked about the law of chastity today. We said no, but we would cover that sometime down the road once she had gotten God and Christ and faith down first. Her mom then gave us bread soaked in butter with thick bacon on it. Not exactly the most healthy, but not exactly bad tasting either. 
Sister Brady and I traveled about, no one home, so we went home and got takoyaki and okonomiyaki and a chocolate shake from a small stand by their house. I ate so much! The shake was really good. Then we met in Shizuoka station so that I could do companion exchanges with the Shizuoka sisters. Sister Ward and I heart attacked a member, talked to some people in a park, and then went home for dinner. I was still full from lunch so I didn't eat any thing. Then we taught an investigator and challenged her to come to church. Sister Ward has been having a hard time so I think this exchange did her good. At least I hope so.
Rain. We road to an investigators lesson at a college campus about 45 min away. I got soaked even though I was wearing a rain coat and rain boots. By the time we got there, I could take off my boots and tip them over and water would splurt out. The place where we talked was not heated so I was shivering by the end. I hope that the investigator took it as the Spirit. Thankfully I did not get sick. I felt bad for Sister Obayashi because she had to wear the rain gear after me. I took my shoes off and put my stockinged feet in front of the heater on the train to try and get a little bit warm if not dry. When we got home I changed into dry clothes and immediately felt warmer. We were able to teach a lesson about the Book of Mormon after Eikaiwa because of the paintings in the church. Hooray!
District Meeting in Hamamatsu (see picture). I think that Satan has been trying hard to get people down in our mission. I shared my testimony during DTM and people were crying left and right. I thought of some scriptures that I haven't ever really thought of and shared them with everyone. It gave me a testimony that God does really give you what you need in the very moment you need it. After wards we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. We bought a course meal because if two people pay for it then it's cheaper. Little did we expect the amount of food that came out. I made it through everything to the last course. Then I had to give it to the elders because I couldn't finish it. We then got on the train to come home, got on our bikes to go to a member appointment, and immediately ate dinner. I know that God was working some miracles in my digestive system to handle all that food. We read the 3 simple ways for a happier family pamphlet (highly recommended) with them. We encouraged them to read it as a family again and work on one thing at a time. 
The only day this week that I was actually in Fukuroi all day! (Mon P-Day, Tue Fuji, Wed Shizuoka, Thu half Shizuoka, Fri Hamamatsu) We went to an all you can eat Italian place with an investigator. In Japan, all you can eat Italian means pizza and spaghetti. The spaghetti was too salty but the salad bar and ice cream bar was good. I literally ate until I was in pain. I finished my spaghetti and felt full, but then I got ice cream. Then Oda shimai made desert waffles and couldn't finish it so I had to eat some. Then our investigator wanted more but no one else was eating so I got soda. By the time we left, I had to hold my self stiff. Everytime I put my foot down it hurt. I couldn't laugh because it hurt. Oh so painful. So we walked around the mall for a while until I felt better. Sister Oda bought a skirt while we were out. Transfer calls came. We're both staying here in Fukuroi, but I'm no longer a sister training leader. President Yamashita has been trying hard to make sure that everyone in a leadership position doesn't die that way so that they end as a normal missionary, completely dedicated to the work. I know that the sisters who have been called need this experience. I'm a little sad because I won't be able to go to the spiritual leadership councils and see my friends and because I can't call my beloved sisters in this zone. I feel like there is still a lot more that I can do and that I can give. But all callings come to an end at some point. We finally saw a referral from a member face to face. Up till now we had only talked to her on the phone. 
Our investigator came to church! Her kids were so well behaved! I was very impressed at them. We taught the Plan of Salvation. It seemed to go over well. After church, we went to another investigator's house which is about 45 min way. They weren't home, so we tried some less actives and other PI's in the same apt complex, but no one home. By the time we came back for our bikes, we the mom of the family came around the corner and said that because the weather was so nice they had gone out but that they would be home tomorrow at 4. So we are going back. On the way home, Sister Oda's bike went flat. Since it was the Sabbath, she, being a former cross country runner, decided to run her bike to the elder's apt so they could fix it. So she ran for an hour, pushing her bike. She had to use the bathroom really bad, so she picked a field by the side of the road and... Then my chain popped off when I was changing gears, so my hands got seriously black putting it back on. The elders made us apple pancakes and fixed the punk. Then we went to visit PI's together. We met with a Less Active and I think I finally understand what's keeping her from church. Hopefully we can see lots of miracles in this transfer!



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