Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 59

We went with the Elders to a park and took pictures and played on the rafts that go across the little lake (see pictures). We had to cut out early because we had an appointment. We rode out there, it went well I think, but on the way back, in the same place that Oda shimai got a flat tire the day before, I got a flat tire. It was around 6:30 pm so it was dark in a part of the area that we don't really know so we don't know where a bike shop was, let alone if it was still open. I asked a couple walking their dog if they knew where one was. They said maybe their friend would know. So we went to their friend's house. Their friend's son and the husband of the couple that we first talked to put my bike in the son's car and drove it to a bike shop. In the meantime, we went into the house of the friend and talked with her and the wife of the first couple. We talked a little about what we do as missionaries and what they think about God. Then they came back and the man of the house came home. We talked with them some and they invited us to come back and have dinner with them sometime. By the end of the night, we had 5 potential investigators! Not bad for one flat tire. Perhaps we should do that more often...:)
We taught an investigator the end of the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized. She said that she still isn't sure if Joseph Smith is a Prophet or if the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, so no. We encouraged her to continue to pray and read and come to church. The member who went with us to the lesson fed us some very American like soup. Yum! Then we taught a member how to make a profile because she wants to share her testimony more. By the end of that, Sister Oda wasn't feeling so great, so we went back home, but not before we bought ice cream. Very important for when you aren't feeling well.
A little rain. Which actually means it rained all day. We visited a member and his less active wife. We tried to engage her in conversation, but every time we asked a question, he answered. I wish that we could talk to her on her own, but oh well. She wrapped up pocky in aluminum foil and made us take it home. I gladly accepted the pokcy. We had another game night. Because it had been raining all day, the kids were cooped up all day, which meant that they were too full of energy. I think they mostly just wanted to run, but because it was raining outside we couldn't do that. Hopefully this week we'll have nice weather on Wednesday so the kid's will be a little better behaved. 
Two of our investigators canceled their appointments. One didn't give a reason, but one had to go to the dentist because her tooth broke. (I'm secretly hoping that the dentist will tell her that she can't drink coffee for her dental health). So we did planning and made chocolates to give to our investigators and potential investigators. After Eikaiwa, we talked with two of the students about the first lesson. Both of them listened very politely. At the end, both of them expressed that they feel good around us and in the church, but that they are on their own path and that so long as the path is pointed towards God it doesn't matter which path you are on. Not the answer we were hoping for, but then again it was the first lesson. We will continue to work with them.
The elders were on a companion exchange, but there was three of them, so they needed an extra bike. We let them borrow one of ours because we had appointments at the church and places within walking distance. When they came back, we rode out to the same investigators that we went to on Monday. We gave them and the PI's that we got on Monday chocolates. Then we went out to see a Less Active family. They said very clearly that they did not want to meet with us. Sad. On the way back, Oda shimai got a flat tire. Again. In the same spot. It seems like whenever we go out to that area, we get flat tires. I'm not sure why because it is the same terrain as other parts of our area. We were most of the way home, so she pumped it up again and rode it back.
Fixed bike. Kids actually came to Kid's Eikaiwa! Yay! Then we went with some members to a nearby shrine. The members wanted to hand out flyers, but we were a little hesitant since it says in the white handbook to not proselyte near places of worship. Perhaps it would have been a more successful activity if we hadn't been dragging our heels. In any case, it was very beautiful. It is sakura season again! I'll send some more pictures in other e-mails. We went to a nearby river with lots of sakura and talked with the people there. We met a member on the way to the grocery store as we were going. Then we went with the elders to visit a Former Investigator who accepted meeting with us again! Then we went home to prepare a lesson we were giving on Sunday.
No investigators at church. But I gave a testimony about missionary work during sacrament meeting and the combined lesson was given by us about missionary work. I think the members may be fed up with us now because it was all "member missionary work! missionary work! members do missionary work!" It was raining like a typhoon during church, but thankfully about an hour after church ended it stopped so we were able to dendo in clear weather (but with lots of wind). Two PI's became investigators! We then did some work on our area map and finally got all the members up. Sister Oda also decorated my planner. I feel like I can't throw it away now.

Love you lots


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