Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 62

So I already wrote you about Monday, so
Ring making! See picture. We made rings out of this special kind of clay that when baked becomes solid silver. I'm not sure how. It was less fun than I thought it would be but not a waste I think. We went to eat katsudon (breaded deep fried pork) afterwards. Elder Chiba wanted to have ramen but we all outvoted him. For our dendo time, we went to an investigator's house with every belief that she wouldn't be home because she has flaked on every other appointment we've made. In fact, when we first got there she wasn't home. But as we were standing on the doorstep, she came around the corner and invited us in. We didn't have a plan ready (our mistake) so we taught a really jumbled up lesson 1. She set up a next appointment though. 

We talked about spring cleaning with our Eikaiwa friends. They didn't really like talking about cleaning, but they did learn useful words I think. Afterwards we went to an investigator's house because we heard that her son was sick. We didn't really have anything good for sick people, so we brought chocolate instead. When we got there, we met the daughter and a group of her friends. I didn't get around to inviting them to listen to the gospel, but I think someday we will meet them again and then they will become investigators. A part member family came to game night, which made us super happy. The grandma was very good at red light green light. 
We went to visit a member when unexpectedly, her non-member niece was there. She participated in the lesson and agreed to meet with us again. Unfortunately, she lives in the Tokyo mission. She comes to visit her aunt and mother about once a month. Perhaps she will become an investigator eventually. We had a new person come to Eikaiwa! Yay! Now for more people to come...
We had DTM where we fit four sisters into one of my skirts. That was funny. The air in front of us became a wall of cameras as the elders all took pictures. Then we went out for sushi. Yum yum. They had train like delivery plates kind of like pizza king, but with sushi instead of pizza. Then we went with the elders to our investigator's. The mom only speaks Spanish and a little Japansese, so we went with an Elder who can speak Spanish to teach her. It helped resolve some of her questions. I felt validated when the elders gave the same answers as I did to her questions. The daughter of the family said that she wants to be baptized! We haven't set a date yet, but we hope to when we meet them again. We encouraged the mom and the dad to pray about baptism. Hopefully they will get baptized as a family. We planned on going to volleyball to see if we could meet some PI's that sometimes come, but both of us felt like we shouldn't go, so instead we studied Japanese (and gave each other back massages). 
We finally figured out what the bushes all over our area are: tea leaves. See picture. In an attempt to show some love to a less active, we heart attacked her mail box. We would have done her front door, but the curtains were all open and she seemed to be home. So we did her mailbox instead. On the way back we stopped at a little park. I slid down the slide once and walked on a foot massage rock thing. It hurt but afterwards my back didn't feel sore, so I guess it works somehow. We helped some members make stew for the linger longer on Sunday. They just left it on the stove! No refrigeration for a whole day. Then we went with the elders to visit a person they found housing. Not home. So instead we went to some of our PI's. They weren't home, so we decided to house. We knocked on one door and someone very obviously not Japanese answered the door. He didn't speak much Japanese so I threw in all 3 words of Spanish that I could remember. That got mixed in with Japanese anyway. In the midst of me struggling to talk, he asked if we spoke English. In very good English. We all laughed really hard at the irony. He moved to Japan only 3weeks ago so he still doesn't know much. We offered to help him learn Japanese and show him the ropes of living in this area. He was cool.
Two of the elder's investigators came to church. Both seem very promising. After church we had the food party with the day old stew. So far, no one has died that I know of. It was supposed to be a return party for a member who has been doing volunteer work in Africa for two years. But she wasn't at church that day. So they went ahead and had the party without her. Then we took chocolate cupcakes to our investigators for Easter. Afterwards we housed some, found one person who listened to our door approach, only to have our hopes dashed by the fact that he comes home around midnight every day. Busy people! Then to a less active's house. We talked about the meaning of Easter, but we got side tracked by the Easter Bunny, chocolate, and other holidays that are celebrated in ways that make no sense. Why are oreos always dunked into milk before you eat them? How did clovers get associated with St. Patrick's Day? Many questions unanswerable without google. 

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