Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 61 Takoyaki Party

So, as to why I'm writing a day late...We have a special District Activity today where we are going to a glass factory where we can make our own glass creations. It isn't open on Mondays so we got special permission to change it to today. I'm excited!
We went shopping with the Hamamatsu sisters. I bought an outfit that fits me. Everyone (including me) was surprised at how I look with clothes that actually fit me. Guess you'll have to wait and see. ;) Then we came back and visited a PI. We housed and then watched the General Women's Conference. Guess what? Sister Yamashita was in it! Sister Oscarson talked about a Japanese woman who taught the missionaries how to make oragami mouths. Well that was Sister Yamashita and she taught us how to do it too. I still have mine. 
We were heading to a certain part of our area, so we specifically planned to be there a little early so we could eat at a sushi place that we had heard good things about. It was crowded, but we got in pretty fast. At conveyor belt sushi places, the food you order comes around kind of like at Pizza King on a plate that comes to your table. But if you don't take it, it keeps on going. One plate came to our table, but I wasn't sure if I had ordered it because it looked kinda strange. But then the waiter came back around with the plate and said that it must be ours and we just missed it. So I ate basil cheese octopus sushi. Not bad, but not something that I would get again. We ding dong ditched some chocolate strawberries for an investigator and then went to a member's house. We had lettuce roll ups (not bad, especially since it wasn't heavy food and we had to bike home afterwards). Our next appointment canceled so we went to visit a former investigator. We actually saw her face to face, but she said that she was in the middle of making dinner, so no time to talk. Another lady spoke to us for about five minutes straight in nothing but Portugese. We just sort of smiled and nodded and made noises that made it seem like we were listening. Then we went to the store to get some ingredients for a...
TAKOYAKI PARTY! Takoyaki is one of the most delicious foods here and I (happily and luckily) got a takoyaki maker from Sister Brady and Sister Anderson as a goodbye present at ZTM. We made so much takoyaki. See first picture.Everyone went away full. It did help that Sister Oda and I went to a bread making activity with the Relief Society sisters before the Takoyaki party. We then took some Easter chocolates to members and PI's, then came home, had a small dinner (still full from takoyaki) and then went to game night. Amazingly, one of our PI's came with her daughter. We played card games with them while the elders played soccer with the kids outside. They came back in very sweaty. At least the kids had fun.
Interviews with President Yamashita. My last one before the final one. President Yamashita thanked me and told me to have fun and work hard these last few weeks. I said I intended to. We came home and did a practice lesson with a member, then went to Eikaiwa. We talked about the ocean. Elder Naylor was in the Coast Guard before his mission, so he knows a lot about the ocean. As such, there were many vocab words. I think a little too much. We had a new person come. I was a little afraid that it would be too much for him, but when he opened his mouth, he could speak almost perfect English. Turns out he lived in Washington for most of his youth. Hopefully we can get more people here.
President Yamashita came to District Meeting! I think everyone was a little nervous. We talked about getting investigators to church and working the Lord's way. President Yamashita said that I understand his thoughts perfectly. He said that if anyone had a question, they should ask me, not him. Then we went to an investigator's. We taught the Word of Wisdom. The mom and the daughter agreed to keep it. The dad smokes and drinks coffee so it will be hard for him, but I know that he can do it. 
General Conference! My last one in the field. I liked the one Elder (I don't remember who) who talked about communication. He said something like "it doesn't matter who is more right. It matters if we hear and understand the other person's feelings." That's especially true when working with members I think. We ate a lot of junk food during conference. 
More General Conference! I especially liked Elder Ballard's talk, President Uchtdorf's talk, Elder Corbrige's talk, and Elder Aidukaitis's talk. The last two were especially applicable to our investigators I think. During the middle of conference, two neighborhood kids ran inside the building. We asked them what was up. They said that they saw the door open so they thought that they could play. We said no, but they could play on Wednesday at the Game Night. After Conference we went to a less active's house and talked about conference. She also liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk. 
Rode out 45 min to one part of our area to visit some investigators and members. Then we did a practice lesson with one of the members and rode back to Fukuroi to meet up with the elders. The elders were on companion exchanges so an elder who can speak Portugese was in the area. We had planned to go to a Portugese investigator's appointment with them, but, they canceled. So instead we rode back to the place where we were and talked with PI's instead. We had udon and tempura for dinner and then we came home for some study time. I was so tired by the end of the day that I was in bed by 9:30 and out before Sister Oda even came into the room. Thankfully the Lord has blessed me throughout my mission with enough energy to get me through each day at a time. By the end of the day though, I'm OUT. 

Love you lots,

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