Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 63!!!!!

This is the start of my last week of my mission. I just went through my sent e-mails looking at the pictures I sent you. I can't believe how fast it has been and how much I have experienced. I am so amazed at what this experience has been. Here goes the last week!

We thought that we would have a fairly normal P-Day. Go visit a member in the afternoon and then go teach an investigator in the evening, then have the rest of the day to ourselves. Little did we know that it would be raining the whole day. So we rode an hour in the rain to the member's house to discover that she had no place to put our bikes, so we had to leave them and our rain coats outside. Then we talked with her for 3 HOURS. Wow. We tried to explain the meaning of Easter, but she got really confused over eggs. So we decided to drop that subject and try to teach her how to view conference on her own. Thankfully, during that time I dried out. Unfortunately we had to go straight out into the rain again. Our investigator wasn't home, so we decided to take pictures in our rain-soaked state, eat ice cream, and then go home. 
We met with some members and watched President Monson's talk on charity with them. Then we dropped by an investigator's house. She was leaving for the holidays the next week, so we were able to set up another appointment with her. It was guidance that we did go by because otherwise we probably wouldn't have gotten another chance to talk with her before she left. Then we came home and had roll-over P-Day time since we spent a large chunk of it at that member's house un-planned. I used it to take a nap. Wonderful things, naps. Then we went out to see if we could get a hold of a former investigator. Not home, so we housed.
Very beautiful view up to a member's house. Then eikaiwa and then to a member's house with the elders. The members live very close to the ocean so...see picture. Then game night. The kids were all over the place. We tried to organize them into doing a formal game, but they wouldn't all participate. 
Companion Exchange! I went to Hamamatsu with Sister Anderson. She caught a cold, so she and I walked places instead of biking. Nobody home, so we went to the Primary president's home. When we walked in, the first thing I noticed was a Nauvoo brick! So we talked about Nauvoo and church history for a while. We ate at KFC for dinner. Too much chicken. Bleh. Then to Eikaiwa. They are practicing singing Let it Go from Frozen. They showed me the clip of the movie of that song. I look forward to knowing how it fits into the rest of the film. Sister Anderson gave me Reese's Puffs cereal! I was so happy.
Reese's Puffs cereal for breakfast. Then DTM. Then curry for lunch. I didn't want to have curry, so I got a kind of Indian ramen for lunch. Not something I would get again. Then we hurried back home to teach an investigator. Just as we were testifying about the Book of Mormon, a bunch of her kid's friends came over and we lost it. So we set up a next appointment and slid out the door. As we were coming home, we passed this bridge with many carp kites for Golden Week. We stopped for a moment at home and then flew to the train station to go to another investigator's. They agreed to be baptized on the 25 of May if they recieve an answer. Let's pray they do. We had an appointment with another investigator at the train station which was 25 min away by walking. We had 15 min to get there. So we ran. We got there on time, but they were late. We didn't really have much time to talk so we set up another appointment and got home on time.
11 new kids and 5 new parents came to Eikaiwa! We were so suprised. There wasn't enough room in the room for everyone. We invited them to game night and to come back next week. Then we went home and planned and called people and did office-type missionary work. At night, we planned to visit some PI's, but no one home. So we start heading to another PI's house. We were stopped at a light when we look across the road and lo and behold it's them! We asked them where they were going and they said they were going to a festival just down the road. So we parked our bikes and went with them. A lot of food. A LOT of people. We actually met a member in the crowd, funnily enough.
After church, we went to a PI's house and had a barbecue with them. We have three families now that could become investigators. I had pig tongue for the first time. Seemed just like a piece of beef. We came home, took a brief rest and a drink of water before heading out to a Less Active's house to teach her niece. Her niece became an investigator! YAY! 

Love you all,

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